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heyo thanks for visiting my blog <3 its pretty shit oops but if you actuallt care my name is Aoife (ee - fa) i'm 13 i'm from ireland i love harry potter and marvel and all stuff like that follow ma twitter - @knivesandfawkes stalk ma insta -@aaoifebuckley and add me up on snapchat - aoifexbuckley if you ever want to yalk or anything don't be shy :)

idk what im doing ??!

Basically, I have no idea.

what I’ll write about
what I’m writing rn
what I’m even doing with a blog

I’ve had this blog for approximately 2.0 seconds and I’m already writing a blogpost (is that even what they’re called), which seems like a bad idea – but I’m doing it anyway. Idec.

Anyway, if anyone has even read this far (<33) you might actually care that my name is Aoife (ee – fa). I'm from Ireland (ayyyyy) and I'm 13. I probably won't post that must lol but when I do I'll mostly post about books and lush and dvds and stuff. It’s all in my about section so go check that out 😉

So yeah idk I'm doing. Sorry for wasting your time lol